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For Safe Keeping - EP

Lyrics to Within These Walls
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There's nothing for you within these walls
so walk away, just walk away
this is your last chance to come around
what do you say, what do you say

there's really no easy way to break the news to you
you're running on thin ice, you're running on thin ice
you've got to stop, get out right now before you lose
this could ruin your life

are you listening, have you heard a word I've said
I'm gonna let you know, get it through you're head

you should walk away
before this turns out to be a lot more than a bad day
I will see you soon
the way things have been going I'll have you cleaned out by noon

time's up, I've gone away, you failed to come around this time

walk away, walk away, there's nothing for you within these walls
walk away right now
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