Lyrics to With You Baby
With You Baby Video:
I don't wanna be if I can't be with you baby
You are what I need and that is why I'm with you baby
Makes my heart sing every time I am with you baby
So let it be just you and me 'cause I love you baby

[Verse 1:]
Laying in my bed one night
Thinking 'bout
The time we spent together
Ooh baby I like it
Can we stay like this forever
Cause no one can me feel the way you do, oh no
Can't imagine being here with out you, don't go


[Verse 2:]
There's something you brought to my life
That I never got from other guys
You're so very different from the others
You are so much more than just a lover


(I, I) I know that we
Seem to be doing just fine
I never believe that love could be so right
But Now I know true ain't just a fairytale
'Cause I'm feeling better than I have ever felt

[Chorus x2]
[ad Lib from Sunshine]
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