With The Blackstorms I Came Lyrics


Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft

Lyrics to With The Blackstorms I Came
With The Blackstorms I Came Video:
With the blackstorms I came, as a thousand
black clouds stromed against the pale sky
upon the mountainside I stand, as a black
sunset rises over a funeral sky
at the top of the black mountain I stand
with the wind whipping my face
beholding my unholy black kingdom

My blackened legions marching towards my enemies
and with the funeral winds caressing the landscape
no light shall ever shine upon these lands of mine

I will ride the lands in pride
as the skies goes from dark to black
with the blackstorms I came
and with the blackstorms I will forever walk

As a norse warrior I ride
the dark valleys of evil
as a norse warrior I crush
my enemies the ones of god
it is said that death rides on black wings
through dark northern valleys
and what is said is true
'cause death......is I
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