Lyrics to With Others (Ears)
You can have my love
As long as I can tell you what to do
If you know what I need
You'll use it against me
Yes it’s sad enough
There just ain't enough love in the world
If you want some from me
I'll need some context

I’ve been learning about
Psychology, sociology, avarice
Now I can't rest
'cause everyone reeks of power trips
Where do I fit in your power trip?
Let's see if your analysis favours me
I mean otherwise why would I listen... others [mhhmm]
In need of
...real love
From someone who lets me see they need my
Without the pre-condition baby like me (like me)
Like we (like we)
Don't all
Just need (just need)

Okay, so you're really just gonna say it straight out like that?
That we all ... need ... love

The promise of
The knowledge of
The promise of
The knowledge of
The soothing arms

While it's chemical
Really group survival in the wild
Is the history of instinctual nurture
So the feeling of needing to be loved is nothing more
Than our primitive brains responding to stress

I've been learning about
Psychology, neurobiology, avarice
Now I can’t rest
’cause everything reeks of basic needs
How do I get all my basic needs

D–do I really have to just–come out and say it?
Just straight up? That I do need

Love, the promise of, love
Love, the knowledge of, of love
Love, the soothing arms, love
Love, the promise of, of love
Love, the knowledge of, love
Love, the soothing arms, of love
(fading out)
Love ... Love... Love