With No Half-Measures Lyrics

Void Of Silence

Criteria Ov 666

Lyrics to With No Half-Measures
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its criteria are easy 'n' fast
hidden behind... the sun
he lights you through the moon
and you're great and he's your friend
these are the criteria ov 666
ego decore domine sathanas
ego decore domine sathanas

his word inspires you with a little hope
he gives you courage, the courage of despair
he can enlighten you on reality and death
your life in his hands and the dream become real
the unbelievable in everything
just observe through the third eye

flamme odi urite, dolorem meum vindicate
urite in nomine noctis
vita malum est, instructa ad malum
universi finis malum est
omnia malis est. omnia est. malis est.

now. free the dogs of war
pester the church of god
molest the chosen one
everything here is sin
man is sin and good is sin
give us the illusions we lost
in the name of power
of luxury
of blood money
in the name of nothing and none
damned goat, give us back the pure valley
and the moonlight nights
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