With Fire And Claws Lyrics


The Battle Begins

Lyrics to With Fire And Claws
With Fire And Claws Video:
Fly through the waves
We will leave our homes and our glorious lands to
Die for our gods
And punish false prophets with swords in our hand

See the black clouds
Leading the dragon through giants in our way but
We will survive
Trusting our gods and forget what this scum said

Ride our dragon cross the sea
Bring our fire and our claws to be free

Born for the cross
False warriors pass our way to make us bend by
Storm their god sent
And bring our journey to an premature end

Enter the battle with flames in our back
Fulfill our promise with blood on our track

Far away from home we'll ride across the sea
Endless we will roam to find our destiny

We're standing strong
Never mislead and never defeated so
Hear our cries
Fighting with honor and never will be cheated again

Trusting our gods and our heart, fear is gone
Don't matter if dead or alive we'll go home
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