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Lyrics to With All Your Heart
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You make this world a better placeWhen you try your best each dayJust listen and your heart will show the wayIt'll make you strong insideEverytime you do what's rightIn time of darkness you find lightYou'll find you have the courage withinTo fight for what you truly believe inChorus:With all your heartI know you can do anythingWith a little faith you can reach right up toThe highest starThere's no mountain you can't climbJust look inside your heartYou'll findThe strengthAll you have to do is tryWith all your heartThere's a difference you can makeSo never underestimateThe power of what one can really doAnd nothing's gonna stand in your way'Cause now you know you've got what it takes to save the dayChorusIf you start to stumbleIf you start to fallJust keep reaching for your dreamsYou know you're gonna catch them allChorus

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