Lyrics to Wishing Well
Wishing Well Video:
Waking up today,
didn't feel the same without you,
you've gone away,
guess it's for the best.
What can I do?
Try not to think about it,
I think of you,
I've hit the bottom.
I'm broke now,
Ive wasted all this money
on this stupid wishing well,
and nothing ever came true, for me and you.
My hands start to shake,
I begin to write you letter,
what can I say?
I guess I'll never know.
So I write "How are you? How have you been?
I hope all is well..." signed a loving friend.
But it's hopeless,
I've wasted all my wishes
on the stars that never shined.
And nothing ever came true,
for me and you.
It's been a while,
my memory is hazey,
still remember your smile,
can't forget that.
But I'm doin fine,
Yeah, I'm doin okay,
I just needed time, we needed our space.
Every day now,
I'm prayin for a life
much better than the one I used to lead,
and I know my dreams, yeah, they'll come true.
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