Lyrics to Wishes
Wishes Video:
Strange how we seem
Chosen and marked by fate
I'll love you no matter what
Even if we started a bit too late

Why can't wishes ever come true
I wish that none of this
Had happened to you
The light is fading fast
I'm not sure how long I'll last
Without you
Without you

The skies are glittering
It seems that this is the end
Through all the lonely nights I
Hoped I'd see you again

Right now we're living a minute at a time
And nothing I want to say to you seems like it would rhyme
When you stop being hunted down, when it's ended
The fear my heart felt for you soon will be mended

And if wishes could come true
I'd wish you'd heal
From the pain you've been through
We're both so strong
But you wouldn't let me help you along
And I love you
Always have
I love you
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