Lyrics to Wish You Well
Wish You Well Video:
I hit the bottle baby, I lost some time, I did it all 'cept get you off my mind. I gave the act a cleanin', Dry as a bone, You beat the shakes, you break, pick up the phone. Just to win back my baby's heart, And to tell her I would never tire, Let it ride, yet you know it's wrong, Bein' the love that you know is gone I'll be the rock that you perish upon. Then hit the road together, An' walk the line, Tryin' to make it like the good ol' times, But soon the fires started, Went out of phase, I didn't wanna but you made me say, I didn't change, I didn't change, I'm still here, Let it ride let it ride and you'll see, Come on now, what went wrong? I told all here, I didn't mean you no harm or nothing, Except to set you my baby free, Whatever kept you from leavin' me? She says, ?It isn't workin'?, She's had her fill, Don't have it now don't think we ever will, I don't begrudge you nothing, I wish you well, I wish you everything you wish yourself.

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