Lyrics to Wish I Was
Wish I Was Video:
If i could help it
if i would have known
your dark skin glistens proud in the sun
then you walk away, walk away, walk away
and i am left with none

i sit around and wait and i don't know why
you sit around and wait for me to die

last night i jumped right out of my skin in my bed
bless you child for you don't know what you did
just when i thought my heart had the time to mend
you go and steal it right off my sleeve like a trend

go back to him
run back to the one you love
i am not him but sometimes i wish i was
i wish i was

i wake up, i wanna go back to sleep in my bed
'cause i hear echoing words in my ear, i don't understand
i can't so i try to enjoy the sun
how can i stand here with you and not be touched

i am leaving i am leaving
it's funny how you wanted to
i am leaving i am leaving
i wanna say goodbye to you
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