Lyrics to Wiped Out
Wiped Out Video:
That complacent tramp setting the world on fire
Cunts to smell you're ready to kill
And the father that calls me a liar

You can't shimmy down
Be her in this town
You won't know the score
To the break of the dawn
You're totally wiped out
oooohhh you're gonna cut down
You're gonna be owww wiped out!


White fox is burning lucy's been
In the wrath of the fire
/You chosen the wrath of my breath
and you knew I would


Turn you in for it kill
It can't hurt inside pain
Make you see her right now
All you want si.. ??

[lead break .. \,,/]


oohh yeah!

[repeat from verse 1]

wiped ouoooooooooooot!
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