Lyrics to Winter Song
Winter Song Video:
On a mountain above
Fables of love
There's a cabin up on high
And in that cabins walls
There's a table there cause'
You are told ?sit yourself down and dine?
On some very nice dish of fish and rice
And we'll pray against the end of time
But the decorative cherry trees outside the window
See they start blooming prematurely
And their premature bloomin'
Reminds me
Reminds me of their clear cut destiny
And their clear cut destiny
Is to die (x3)
And we'll follow (Follow)
And we'll follow in good time
Oh the wide open space that's been laid to waste
By the waters rising tide
Well I can't help but recall the beginning of it all
Like some mounted Louvain shrine
And after we break bread
I make a bed you can lay your little head down next to mine
Oh little lamb, hold me in your clove red hands
And close your tired eyes
But in this cabin way up high/in the sky
Oh there's just you and I...and
All is love (x25)
All is love (All is love) (x10)
All is love (x2)
Two lamps
Two lamps
Two lamps shining
Two lamps shining
Two lamps shining in this world's winter time....
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