Lyrics to Winter Nights
Winter Nights Video:
[music: Tentu/Boeru/Stavian, lyrics: Boeru]

The sky in a winter night...
The frozen moon shines like a dead eye.
Blind, she scrutinize the darkened horizon...
Another reason to mourn.

The time froze in a crystal palace
And now is past and future
And I'm a tear drowned in oceans of time.

Listen the sigh of the wind!
It tells about wasted lives in endless winter nights.
Around a violet fire, the ghosts have their feast,
Waiting any moment for the rise of the beast.

The liquid sky fallen under clouds
Opens its strings, unfettering the wind.
It blows the snow, covering the sights
With endless silvery forms in white winter night.

Just a dumbfounded era!
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