Lyrics to Winsome Smile
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Stop thinking now

Quit second-guessing all your failed relations

With your would've, could've, should've, maybe might-have-been

I'll show you how

Send your feelings out for lubrication

Lose these blues and screw your head on tight again

She cut you bad, your heart is just a scar

But if you could just get mad, you'd be better off by far

What you want is taken

What you need is better circulation

Work that heavy heart and get it light again.

Listen to me now

You suffer from a sadness, apprehension

That if she could read your mind she'd see just how it ought to be

But she's read it all by now

And your style don't get a grip on her attention

She ain't in your state of mind and she don't want to be

You think if she'd just talk, you could explain it all

She'd be polite, but all night she's been hoping you won't call

She'll it's all her fault, she'll always be your friend

Plus loads of shit too dumb to mention

I've been that road and it's paved with good intentions.

Well it's hard to believe

But I'm telling you your heart would soon recover

But you don't want it to, you love this aching agony

'Cause it's noble, but it's true

You won't forsake this pain for other lovers

Happiness would fill your mind with misery

Time will wound all heels, and it ain't pretty

With any luck at all, she'll find some dope that you can pity

Your loss is measured in illusions

And your gain is all in bittersweet intelligence

And your winsome smile will lose some of its innocence

Your winsome smile

Your winsome smile will lose some of its innocence.
Songwriters: CHRIS SMITHER
Publisher: Lyrics © BUG MUSIC
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