Lyrics to Win This Race
Win This Race Video:
Everybody says you're the brand new kid
But I don't even know you
You wanna place first in the meet tonight
Baby, I got somethin' to show you
Those Valley Kids
They got tricks up their sleeves
Those Valley Kids
They're just a big disease
You wanna roll around on your dirty knees
Baby, I'll be rooting for you

Assemble the bleachers
We don't need no teachers
Of all of the beautiful creatures
You gotta be the strongest you can be
To win this race
You gotta have a heart of fire
burning bright!
Cause everybody's counting on you now
To win this race
You can't let us down
You won't let us down
You can't let us down
You gotta win that race tonight

(sweet-ass organ solo)

(reprise 3x)
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