Lyrics to Willy Brown
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And he led her through the fields and through the valleys so deep
'Til at length lovely Mary began for to weep
"Willie, handsome Willie, you've led me astray
Through the fields and the valleys, my life to betray"

"It's true what you say to me, it's just the truth you say
For late, late last night I was a-digging your grave
Your grave that is open, and spade standing by
And down in the grave your fair body must lie"

And he stabbed her, he stabbed her, 'til the red blood did flow
And into the grave her fair body he did throw
And he's buried her so neatly and he's covered her so sound
Not thinking this murder would ever be found

But as he was a-going and turning around
He spied lovely Mary, she was dressed all in brown
And she's snatched at him, and she's cut him, and she's tore him in three
Saying,"That's for the murder of my baby and me!"
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