Lyrics to Willingly
Willingly Video:
Watch the sun play on your hair
As we stare across the fields of nurture
Weeds that grow up in my heart
Now I will start to pull them by the roots

Yeah, consider my last remark
Don't leave me out here in the dark
Where I go
A stone cast in the undertow

Where I go willingly

Hold the promise bright and sure
Keep your heart pure as the shovel turns the earth
Elements will have their say
Grace, hope and pain tended faithfully

Yeah, circumscribe my last remark
Carve it deep down into my heart
Where I go
A stone cast in the undertow

Steel yourself against the night
In desperate times, men will do their desperate deeds
Just before the sky's erased, I see Your face all over the fields of nurture

Yeah, big kiss for everyone
I grab You and try to hold on
'Cos I know I jump into the undertow
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