Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Lyrics

Debbie Gibson

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Lyrics to Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
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Tonight you're mine completelyYou give your love so sweetlyTonight the light of love is in your eyesBut will you love me tomorrow?Is this a lasting treasureOr just a moment's pleasure?Can I believe the magic of your sigh?Will you still love me tomorrow?Tonight with words unspokenYou'll say that I'm the only oneBut will my heart be brokenWhen the night meets the morning sun?I'd like to know that your loveIs love I can be sure ofSo tell me now and I won't ask againWill you still love me tomorrow?I need to knowWill you still love me tomorrow?

Songwriters: Goffin, Gerry / King, Carole
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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