Lyrics to Wild Rosemarie
Wild Rosemarie Video:
I thought about water
I thought about the roads late at night
I thought about drinking
I started to hope you were all right

And I thought about calling
But I was afraid you'd be asleep
I thought about God as a shepherd
Wandering the hills looking for lost sheep

And I thought about Wild Rosemarie
How that was who you used to be
How the wilderness sprang up around us
This dry desert heat

And I thought about water

I thought about honey
How I used to call you by its name
How you move so slow and sticky
Down my throat and how dry I became

I thought about the highways
All tangled up like a ball of snakes
And the poison backroads
And what a long time it would take to find you

Wild Rosemarie
All cracked up on I-93
The choice was your own
To strip flesh from the bone
And become really free

And I thought about water
How it drowned us after all
How we used to thirst for it
to burst forth from the sky and start to fall

And I just got scared
That you were still out wandering tonight
So here's this letter
And I hope you made it back all right

Love always.
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