Lyrics to Wild Ride
Wild Ride Video:
I walked in, there sat Slim
Cleaning up his memory with some sapphire gin
Mr. Pain grabbed my arm and pulled me aside
And said kid are you ready for the wild ride

I looked up, there she stood
I say, didn't look so great, I say you look good
Aww she took her hand ran it up my thigh
And said, cowboy you ready for the wild ride

Come on now junior take a wild ride (wild ride)
See can you make it on the wild ride (wild ride)
Don't try no shakin' on the wild ride (wild ride)
Things start breakin' on the wild ride (wild ride)
Yes it does

Out on the highway, I saw my mind
In tiny little pieces blown from side to side
My heart was shattered along with my pride
Guess you can't keep 'em on the wild ride


I was crawling cross the floor, I was tryin' to leave
When I felt something tugging what was left of my sleeve
I heard a little voice with a gold plated vibe
Say I bought a ticket for the wild ride

[Chorus x2]
Songwriters: DWIGHT YOAKAM
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