Lyrics to Wild Kisses
Wild Kisses Video:
Well, mister, you see that girl walking down the street That little girl, she used to turn 'em on Wild kisses and a heart that's oh-so-sweet In the middle of the night. And now, wild kisses seem to settle down Afraid to get my feet back on the ground ... I'm gonna meet her tonight And now my wild world's tumblin' and dancin'??? ...true romancin' ... Listen to me, baby I wanna celebrate my dream, girl I don' wan' no lonely dream, babe I wanna give everything to my little baby tonight I gotta... on the track What she gives me -my god- she break my back ... ... Wild kisses in the morning gives me a ... to go on? ... And now... like dancin' ...true romancin' Why won't you... heart.. to try? Listen to me, baby I want to ..., girl I want to... I want to... [bridge] I don't want... ... Listen to my heart, girl I know... ... Mister, see that girl walkin' down the street Well that girl, she used to drive me wild Wild kisses... her tonight Wild kisses and

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