Lyrics to Wild Bill Jones
Wild Bill Jones Video:
As I went now for to take a little walk,
I came upon that Wild Bill Jones
He was a`walkin` and a`talkin` by my true lover`s side
And I bid him to leave her alone

He said my age is 21, too old to be controlled
I pulled my revolver from my side,
And I destroyed that poor boy`s soul

He reeled and he staggered and he fell to the ground
And then he gave one dying moan
He wrapped his arms around my little girl`s neck,
Sayin` Honey won`t ya take me home?

So put them handcuffs on me boys,
And lead me to that freight-car gate
I have no friends or relations there,
No one for to go my bail

So pass around that ole long-neck bottle
And we`ll all go on a spree...
Today saw the last of Wild Bill Jones,
And tomorrow`ll be the last of me.
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