Lyrics to Wife Naggin'
Wife Naggin' Video:
She bosses me around dang near all of the time
She may be my wife but I won't kiss her big behind
No matter how much she whines

Now I've been working hard for way too long
If you think I'm walking the dog taking out the trash
Trimming out the hedges or cleaning out the garage, you're wrong
It's your time to mow the lawn

Praise the Lord I'm going fishin'
It's the only cure for my mental condition
One of these days I'm gonna send her a packin'
I'm sick and tired of my wife naggin'

Feels like forever since I've seen any action
I bet Delilah [Incomprehensible] to Samson
Not the night I'm crampin'
That's right I said crampin'

I'm gonna die for sure from malnutrition
'Cause she won't step one foot in our kitchen
Ain't no wonder I fell off the wagon
I'm sick and tired of my wife naggin'

I forgot our anniversary and I'm really sorry
You're sure it's today I thought it was tomorry
Oh she is gonna kill me
Oh honey please don't kill me

Divorce court let's make a reservation
Maybe then I'll get some rest and relaxation
For now the neighbor's couch is where I'll be crashin'
I'll stay away from my wife's naggin'

I may be overweight
But at least my breasts ain't a saggin'
I'm sick and tired of my wife naggin'
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