Wicked Arise Divine Lyrics


First Enslavement

Lyrics to Wicked Arise Divine
Wicked Arise Divine Video:
Gospels sacred high at stakes
Hymn sins hallelujah praised

For me, for all, hear it's call

Impaled, soiled cadavers rest
Shaping forests of those once blessed

Weak divine structures reconstructed
High betrayer of the heavens flee never trusted
& the feeble cry

Anthropomorflesh rise
Soil angel flesh, violate paradise

[Repeat Chorus.]

Misanthropic morphs - unholy shades rise
Soiled angel flesh, raped paradise

Signs of the unforgiven, condemning death to all living
Signs of wicked rising, see fires torch in heaven

For them, for all, hear it's call
For us, for all
Demonic rise, angelic fall

[Repeat Chorus.]
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