Lyrics to Why Say Goodbye?
Why Say Goodbye? Video:
Ask me a question

And I'll tell a thousand lies

You tell me that you love me

But it's you that I despise

You've got your superstitions

And your stupid Barbie dolls

Your choice in music tasteless

You've got Backstreet on the walls

Why do you love me now

Is this what you want

You try to drag me down

But this has got to stop

I'm moving on

So you can say goodbye

But I'll still wonder why

You say that I'll be famous

But you surely won't be there

And you want to entertain us

By playing truth or dare

I'm packing up my boxes

And moving far away

No hugs, just keep your hands off

Cause there's nothing left to say

Now you need to stop calling

My house at one o'clock

And the door may be open

But you really need to knock

You just don't seem to understand

And I know that you're not dumb

I'm not accepting apologies

This relationship is done
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