Lyrics to Why?
Why? Video:
I know things ain't work out
For you and me lady
But don't worry about my child
Because I'ma take care of my baby
And I can't keep running around,
Breakin? you off
'Cause I breaks my heart,
When we make love and
Ain't no love involved
Why should we screw
If we can get along,
What's the point of getting? it on
You know that it's wrong
When all we do

Is sweep it under the rug
What? sthe point
When we touch if
We?re no longer in love

This makes no sense
To do what we do
'Cause baby
I've been moved on and
I know you got someone new
So we promised each other
We wouldn?t make this
A sexual thang
'Cause it feels good
When we bang,
But when it's all over
You know that
We?ll be fighting again
Songwriters: Pardlo, Robby / Toby, Ryan
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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