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Lyrics to Why i hate the sixties
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Why I Hate the Sixties (E. Dobek)

I love Mrs. Jones quite dearly

She breaks my heart

I forget about tarts

She makes me sad when she is near me

Tells me awful things

What would the neighbors think?

But now she's gone and left me

She went away, she went away

Oh Mrs. Jones please come back

Another day, another day

Oh Mrs. Jones, I love you...

We popped popcorn by the fire

We walked hand in hand

We kissed in Disneyland

When she was down, I stood by her

When we had a date

I was never late

A million dollars if I could see her

You'd understand if you could meet her

But now she's gone and left me,

She wasn't too thin, she wasn't too hefty

She had a million dollar coat

Alligators in her moat

She had a Porsche and a limousine

She made me glad to be sixteen...
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