Lyrics to Why I Cry
Why I Cry Video:
Lady, I have been told that you only date nice guys
Well, if that's how you judge a lover's worth
Your ass just hit pay dirt
I'm the most sensitive man on God's green Earth
Here's a rose bouquet
I also baked you some fresh creme brûlée
Now mount this stallion and we shall ride
While also flying kites
And make love inside a rainbow through the night

Then after sex I'll cry, cry
And also before sex I'll cry, cry

Girl, you know how I feel about you
It's like you're a fossil sample
And I'm an impatient paleontologist
Cause I want to date you badly

Watch a film with me
I love boring romantic comedies
Hop in my carriage, this is like your dream
Any movie we see can be a drive-in movie
If we build up enough speed
Now it's almost dawn
I can communicate with newborn fawns
Now they'll perform an ancient forest dance
That will melt off your pants
Take my junk by the hand, this is romance

And during sex I'll cry
Thinking about sex makes me cry
Even when I use a sextant I cry
(They measure angles) Cry

Sorry, was that too sensitive for you?
Don't worry about me, I'll be fine
I'll just be over here, thinking about a duckling
Riding on the back of a puppy
Also the duckling is wearing a tiny cowboy hat-
Slightly tilted