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Lyrics to Why Don't We Fall In Love (Remix)
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[Intro: Cam'Ron]Yo this is the Roc-a-Fella remixKilla Cam man you what it is, Dipset[Verse 1: Amerie] (Cam'Ron) So many things I'm goin through (What you goin through?) So much that I wanna do (What?) It's startin to become so clear to me (Uh huh) Tomorrow ain't really guaranteed (Right) So many days I've thought of you, It's about time you knew the truth(Holla then) Got to act quickly you and I (Uh huh) And fall in love so many reasons why[Chorus: Amerie] (Cam'Ron) Why don't we (So why don't we) don't weWhy don't we, why don't we, why don't we fall in love(Slow down ma) Why don't we fall in love(I got to get to know you first you know) It's so many reason(It's alot of reasons) It's the only thing that matters to meWhy don't we fall in love (Holla at me though!) [Verse 2: Amerie] (Cam'Ron) It takes such a load off to let you knowThat your the only one I never want to goThings I never did now I want to do (That's sweet) A love I never felt now I feel for you (How cute) Why dont I just swallow each and every ounce of my pride(You know what you gettin into right?) Everything you do I wanna feel again, ain't no use for us to pretend (Ok) [Chorus: Amerie] (Cam'Ron) Why don't we, don't we, why don't we (You asked for it) Why don't weWhy don't we fall in love (You know what you dealin with right?) We, we can't we fallWhy don't we, why don't we (Yeah, yeah) Why don't we fall in loveOh! Fall in love......YeahCome with me, tomorrow we're guaranteed, love, baby let's beBaby, let's beWhy don't we, why don't we, why don't we fall in love(Killa, Uh, Holla, Uh, Uh) Why don't we, why don't we (Oh!) why don't we fall in love(Fall in love, I don't even know you, what's your name?) [Verse 3: Cam'Ron] (Amerie) Fall in love why cause you see the Florida plates?Explorin the states, seven forty five a quarter to eightNah, not that Accord to the raceEnough malt liquor I'm cordial with grapesYou still get slaughtered and raped, camcorded and tapedCome uptown see the dogs and the apesAll the nasty little heffers with sores on they faceWe keep the base in the Ford's and the safeBut everything will pour into place, forget your tour and your datesHit Greyhound with raw on your waistNow your seemin leary, but your jeans are theorySweatsuit juciy ma your mean ya hear meWanna fall in love, well install the plugDope, I sold all them drugsHollows, cop killers, seen all those slugsEast, west, south, seen all those thugs(Why don't we why don't we) Just slow down a bit, hit the town and splitAnd dealin with Killa that mean you dealin with killersMy hooks are bananas the team is gorillas, holla![Outro: Cam'Ron]Dipset, Killa Cam, Amerie, Taliban, R-O-C, get your boy man

Songwriters: Huff, Leon A / Gamble, Kenneth / Harrison, Rich
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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