Lyrics to Why Am I Sad Today
Why Am I Sad Today Video:
The waitress is cleaning the bar
It's two in the morning
She offers some coffee to me
Turns the radio on
The caster is selling his voice to the night
The coffee gets cold in a while

The old man beside me is gone
He showed me a blueprint
Of a house he would build
With the money he never could save
His father was buried down by the sea
Once he was younger than me

Why am I sad today
Why am I on the way
Down to the border
Not over the line

Why am I sad today
Why am I on the way
Down to the limit of time
I'm sleepless tonight

Take me away from the gloom
I'm cold from the inside
The waitress has turned off the lights
There's nothing to fear
She's put on her coat and once in a while
The lines on her face disappear

Why am I sad today...

Oceans awake and walls break down
when you are there
You take my hand and
you just lead me right out of here

Why am I sad Today...

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