Why A Bitch Gotta Lie Lyrics

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Lyrics to Why A Bitch Gotta Lie
Why A Bitch Gotta Lie Video:
Try and tame me
Try and tame me
Try and game me

Why a bitch gotta lie? [x8]

[Verse 1]
Try and tame me
I'll ruin you, fucker, try your luck
Luck's on your side, you're feeling yourself, huh, fucker?
That about enough
Well, guess what fucker
Fucker, try and game me, then
I'm end of your line
I need an offering, you'll do just fine
I'm Type A hell


[Verse 2]
Try and tame me
It's not about you, fucker
Don't make me make this about you, fucker
Try and tame me, I dare you
Try and tame me, how dare you?
I stand through you
I laugh when you ask if you're under my spell
I guide your demise like funeral sails
My touch tied to strings that steer my figures inside out their wax
You pour, I swill, you're false like tears, priceless to feel my subjects crack


[Verse 3]
Try and tame me, I'll redirect
Ain't fucker tame me yet
Fit to try and tame me, be my guest
Just try and game me, bitch
Try and tame me - I'm like so, anyway
Try and game me - I'm like no, not today
This bitch
Try and tame me
I'll make you mine


[Verse 4]
Try and tame, if you're so sure
Ain't dead or alive, ain't wore this floor
My floor tremble
Your voice, silencer
I make your choice
I make no excuses, just fucking noise
Try and tame me, maybe not up to you because
Can't tame me I'm proof of
Fuck you gonna do, scream?
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