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[Slick Rick] Back in the day, we slow kiss And man, I did search for an interior motive Cuz all your look is sound hype I wanna see if your worthwhile, settlin down type God knows there's bigger So, absorb to see if you gon sweat the next nigga Oh help me make green light furriers You know in life you can't race around with no worthless So continue the sequel You weighed in the scale and we lived as free people Then disagree and erupted too I don't feel my standards are being lived up to So erection conquers, I ran out, went and had sex in Yonkers God knows that flakin, jerkin her and not the replace Great is lookin for [Chorus] I thought you said you loved me, didn't he? (lay hey hey) I thought you said forever, to decease (lay hey hey) I swore you were dishonest, do you believe (lay hey hey) I'll search this world forever, are you real? (lay hey hey) [Slick Rick] Low is my time of honor, friend material and not that type of barner So myself out of chump Would the problems with having worth that type of jump Commitment, rig, act cruddy, and regardless, move made and back studyin Still screamin, thrown and elegance Grown, don't play, growned intelligence Fix what bother, and another If speed's on made, once again, who gonna suffer? Stubborn fools came The mule came over here wit a girl from the old school name Though hit and all though back's about wit, memories And that's about it, Cuz [Chorus] [Slick Rick] And uneasiness kept here, even after we made this big giant step here Womanhood, somewhere in the basement Slowin down again, so I'm lookin 'a replacement Music poundin a slow jam Wit a girl knowin and down wit the program Although the honey aim style king Wit a took broom and taimin the wild thing Loud, uneasiness brought out Still tried to shove my tongue down the bushy broad mouth Speedin, chasin after vaccine Tried to string along, but I didn't have the patience Learned from cussin and confusion Breakin Commandments wasn't a solution Though a few minor clicks in relationship Still time to fix things [Chorus 2X]

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