Lyrics to Who's The Man?
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I used to kick it with the thugs, pushin' drugs in the parkMakin' every mark that was out after darkStick 'em for their loot, cut em up then I'd dashAnd when I had to shoot, I'd nutted up for the cashRan down the block with my 45 glockCapped off a round, everybody hit the groundThe next thing I heard was a sirenCouldn't turn around, money grip kept firin'Runnin' for the ride, I can't go insideI'd rather that I died, I got too much prideI guess it's just somethin' that you can't understandMy gun's in my hand, tell me who's the man?Chorus (x4)Who's the man with the master plan?Who's the man? Who's the man?I used to sell ya yo back in the day-oRan with the gang, had all the homie's slangGrams to the quarters, I'm takin' all the ordersMakin' all the runs, Rakin' in the fundsI always got my gun, it's the old six-shooterKing of the neighborhood, crazy white peckerwoodNow people thinkin' Danny lost his mindIt must've been from all the wine man and all the hardtimesLike chillin' in the park in the dark with the crewI'm always gettin' high, I saw my man dieNow I got the work and the dough, 25 grand and a 5 keys of blowI gotta' relocate and start all overBut watch it blow up like a supernovaI keep my game in tight and follow the planMy gun's in my hand, tell me who's the man?Chorus (x4)I got myself locked down in the penI ain't got a friend, so here I go againI gotta' get my props up and earn my respectGotta' shake someone up or throw 'em off the top deckMy time's runnin' out, I gotta' spill some bloodIf I don't do it quick, shit, my name'll be mudSo I pick out a hardrock and rush him in his cellBeat his ass down and then say that he fellAnd if I gotta' do him, screw him, the convict's deadI'll stab him in the chest, just anotherOf the cell block know that I'm nobody's hoMy shanks in my hand so tell me who's the man?Chorus (x4)

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