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Honey Cone

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Lyrics to Who's It Gonna Be
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I've got something on my mind
I wanted to say for quite some time
I think you know what I wanna say
'Cause I'm sure it's bothering you, too.
You've got me so involved a little too deep,
And you can't find a way to work it out.
Well, I go on hung as far as I can,
And it's time to come for us to talk it out.
I'm sure she wants to know, too.
Just what you intend to do?

Won't you be man enough?
Oh, just let me know

Who's it gonna be?
Her or me?
Love can't be shared by three
You've got to set one of us free
You've got to set one of us free

You can't be toying with my heart
This triangle must be torn apart
'Cause I can't go on fooling myself
I'm so unhappy knowing there's someone else

Have a little mercy on a woman in need
Don't tear my life up if you don't wanna be with me
Let me know (let me know)
Let me go (let me go)

Did you say the same thing to her that you said to me?
Are you touching her like you're touching me?
Which one of us you need?
You've gotta make a choice, you gotta choose
I'm wondering and worrying
Upset and confused
Was it something I said? What have I done wrong?
If the feeling's gone, don't keep me hangin' on
Tell me



I'm sharing your loving and kissing
And I can feel the joy I'm missing
She come between us like a brick wall
I'm afraid one day it might fall
It would hurt me if I lose,
But it's time for you to choose
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