Lyrics to Who's Got The Weed
Who's Got The Weed Video:
[Chorus: ]
Who's got the weed
I got the weed
Who's got the weed
I got the weed

Mamma always used to say
Hey G baby
Don't smoke the reefer
It will make you lazy
I really should have listened
'Cause she might have saved me
But I was too young
And I was too, too crazy

But I got so much love for my mother
But still I praised the jay
Then I pass to it to a brother
'Cause a friend with me
Is a friend indeed
And I've got plenty of friends
That smoked a lot of weed
No seeds
I roll up like a cone, like a tornado
Pass around sucker
We're fast like a hot potato
And then I feel my fingers
Grip, reality start to slip
Exact same of a huge hit (?)

The kind of vapors

[Chorus: ]

That Pharcyde crew
See yeah, you know they smoke alot
I know they poke alot
I know they got popped in Japan
By some global cops
It looked like some herbal
But it flows is tight just like Flo Jo
I know he smoked that hydroponic
Chronic on the low low
And still be claiming its pure
(?) (?)
Graduated from bmv to being wasted
Wasted that you never tasted
Where's the big parties
Just a little bit more than average
Got spins, lettuce and cabbage
I know they got the papers
So that we can catch the vapors
Freestyle, wake the neighbors
I know he won't forsake us
Dig up some dirt
(?)like undertakers
If they don't, lets break 'em off
They got to be
Jesus humble for the pot
I know he's custom to the cake
Just listen to flakes
Pack the crumbs and shake (shake)

[Chorus: ]

Got my grab crap
Keep it next to my hip
I'm going to the airport
I'm going on a trip
I hope I don't get slip by the Feds
'Cause I got this house of Buddha
Right down my leg
That was not cool
It is stinking up the whole damn row
The stewardess is looking at me
I think that she knows
I tried spraying my body
With all this cologne
But the stench is creeping
Into the front row

It's just the homegrown
From the backyard
I keep it in my pocket
If I go to the bar
So if you want a hit
Just buy me a drink
And don't worry I've got more
Of that funky green shh...


[Chorus: Repeat 3X]
Songwriters: Dutton, Garrett / Hardson, Tre Vant / Simmons, Peter
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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