Lyrics to Who's Got Game
Who's Got Game Video:
[Intro: Don Chulo] Yo, Don Chulo (that nigga got a problem with the Don Chulo) Les Ness, 2 G's (got, you heard) Flatbush, Park Side, 225 (what?) [Don Chulo] Why I feel like I been thru this before? Déjà vu, ya still want more? Have it your way, we'll skip the foreplay Down on all fours, guess who gettin fucked today Fucked on your royalties, fucked on your event Fucked on your deal, and this is your very last chance So now we gotta take it back to the streets By this son, you know I mean back to the heats Back to knowin this beef, knowin that nothin is sweat My click got eatin you food, leavin nothin to eat Come thru, tear it out, nothin but Jeeps Leavin nuthin to retaliate, nothin to creep Game's over, it's a sweep, and I'm the MVP Snatchin awards and applauds on MTV No need to wonder why y'all envy me The Don C., now y'all see who the Don be [Chorus: Don Chulo] Yo who got game nigga? Yo what's my name nigga? The Don Chulo, ain't shit change I continue to reign, but the bitch is the cocaine Take a blast of this and watch it num the brain Yo who got game nigga? Yo what's my name nigga? The Don Chulo, ain't shit change Knowledge to minister, Chulo the migraine Know I return to continue my reign [Don Chulo] Yo, hold up, hold up, let's back this shit up You, you and you, yo pack ya shit up Yo I'm pushin weight while you crackin the sit ups Don't make you lean you hit up, till you spit up Quadriplegic, need help just to get up While I'm shy like the skyline with all the buildings lit up Don't be bitter, son take it like a man Take it like the cracker did to Cherokee's land And when you wake up tomorrow, I'mma still be the man I'mma still be the cat, you gotta come to the grams Stay stackin my grands, in the Benji Smokin large amounts of censi, boy don't tempt me To let my clear cinque siete, spit until it's empty Hold that, give it back, like it's some shit you lent me Don't take it personal, cuz this was meant to be The best, is how they gon mention me From now until the end of the century [Chorus] [Don Chulo] It's that head banger shit, drug slanger shit Years of anger shit, now it's some danger shit Got ya body divided, with no remainder shit You can't change the shit I'm movin so fast that you can't aim and shit This is my game kid, don't you forget it If you do it, boy, will you regret it Be somebody gets deaded, yo, I guess ya can see where this headed The analytical, lyrical, seven, syndical, biblical, reverend Alpha, omega, beginning, the ending So what I reap, so I'm cheap, no borrowin or lending Cuz once you burn bridges, there is no mendin I'm the king of mi casa, with me you can't prosper Chulo dilomite doctor, fuck with no hosta Blastin vangoda, stay away from the yada yada Keep my mind on nada but the chadda [Chorus] [Outro: Don Chulo] Yo, for real all ya playa hatin ass niggas Yo this 225, Bronx style, Flatbush nigga what BK representin, Les Ness, my nigga Self, Lady Raw The whole Flatbush Crew, BK in general the click nigga This how we put shit down, what?

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