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Lyrics to Whole Wide World
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Well, it's right before our eyes
But still the grass is always greener on the chase
It's been twenty-something years
But still there's nothing really happening in this town
And no matter where I go
The kids they say they want to move right from this place
Don't like where they're going, what they're doing
They're just waiting around
And you say you gotta move
You better think it through
All around the whole wide world
There's faces, different places
That we run to like we're running a race
Traveling around the whole wide world
Won't mean anything
If I can't sit in peace in one place
We're changing places
Always moving to escape our life's pain
In every city, different places, different faces
Keeps life new all the time
And I know I won't be happy just moving around
It's all just the same 'cause everywhere you go
You'll discovered that you're chased by your mind
We don't like standing around
Standing in one place
All that we can do
We'd better think it through
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