Lyrics to Whoa, I'm Woeful
Whoa, I'm Woeful Video:
That motherfucker in your window coming to terrorize
Cold sweat on your flesh running down your spine
The days are black I'm steady running longer nowadays
I'm seeing creatures creepin up and down the staircase
I'm getting higher just thinking of Hell's singing choir
Devil for hire and I'm selling to the lowest buyer
The god of liars my demise submerging inside a fire
My urges just won't retire I'm burning but never dying, no

I'm the kind of motherfucker that don't go outside
Pale skin boy with the rope tied tight
Got to light up the blunt just to choke
Bout time I feel something
Climbing out of my funk then I jump back in
Punching a hole in the wall
Let me in
Bloody knuckles
Unbuckle the belt
Got a devilish grin
Unfuckable melt me away with me sins
I'm in trouble the bubbles should give you a hint
Bitch I'm sinking again in the bottomless pit
Bitch I'm rotten from all the toxins I'm popping
I'm popping from all the toxins I'm copping
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