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Lyrics to Who Went Like Alala
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one day we're sitting in turleys class
we're learning about history from the past
hoping time will go fast cause this class
seems like it really is lasting forever
I'm not really having a blast but whatever
Someone decides to be a jackass real clever
Turley is tryna talk but however
Someone decides to criticize
when fossil tries to pronounce a word
making fun of an old woman, really absurd
the thing is she actually heard
what was blurted then it occurred
she said the words that made history
she thought it was a mystery
but errebody knew it was me
thee one and only straight up g
but not really, about as g as billy
or free willy, it's really silly
how I can yell out absurd words
ask one question, one thing you gotta learn

Who went like alala....

Now the legacy lives on
The legend will never be gone
Cause once something is put in a song
It guarantees it will live long
And when it's a quote that your noting
Or even something you wrote
twenty years from now people will go
Who went like ala just to quote
the words from the living fossils throat
that's why I make it into a show
cause ya know everybody loves a flow
and this flow is untouchable,
it makes you say woah
the glow is too much for ya
ya brain it will blow
cause no average joe that I know
can take any quote and make into a full blown rap
and if they try it ends up like crap
I get an encore, you don't even get a clap, son

Who went like alala....

this song signifies my perfection in rap
im the cardinal direction, you aint even on the map
I got a whole collection of bats and gats
in case I ever find myself in combat
but when you have the power
to make an old woman look sour
in the face, maybe it was a disgrace
but it was unexpected, hard to embrace
that's why it is what it is today
the most famous words from the old terd
and everyone was there so it was easily heard
and nobody cared who provoked her
because she spoke and everybody choked
trying to soak in what just broke out
it was just hilarious, there was no doubt
but who said it, she never found out
it was me, so go home and pout
cause you just allowed me to sprout
into fame, at the dispense of your name
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