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One of the greatest rapper, walk - I'm sayin' In the field makin' my brick without hayin' Mad busy kid, nah whip cut here You, boy, drop your bundle bring your butt in A soldier, what I do to that hood? "Are you that slave everybody tellin' me rap good? Calm down, not goin' ta murder ya Clean yourself, Pharoah said he wanna have a word with ya" My mom, pop, look concerned After takin' a shower, dress and returned The soldier, kinda on the dark end Brought me and the motherfucking palace was barking In the midst, a poet, dryin' Pharoah and his girl being entertained by him Motherfucker got some nerve said "Bring slave forward, let me observe" He asked me my name and start badger me "Ricky, what?", 'Ricky, your majesty' And bowed because I had to, Kick a rap that shit better sound fat too Who rotten 'em Plaits swing, but have you forgotten 'em Biggest big shouts since King Tut and 'em (who rotten 'em) Kids ville, motherfucker couldn't sit still All bitches is open off Rick's grill (who rotten 'em) Definetly exort, any stalkin' Hawk gawkin' at silk fabrics when I'm walkin(who rotten 'em) Fondle with right, yet, spec get delighted All a that jungle shit, whites rap "He's fat" queen said to the pharoah excited and did seem obvious the rap delighted him Then start banging on appliance (Yes your honour?) "Send this other rapper to the lions" (Please, no!) Pleaing with merit, if you kill him for my sake My raps will do the spirit 'Please let him live, I prefer that' "OK, well, send him where this slave used to work at" Do or die jammin' me into Even was allowed to move the family in too Any beat better rap good on Even gave me mad nice outfits to put on Knowing that my rap stlye bumped many And expecting some important company The king visits where I was put to write "Slave, you're behind, better rap real good tonight" In other words, lay your mack down 'Cause these cats not the one to sound wack round So that night, when they summers be them clapping Took a deep breath and then began rapping Who rotten 'em Tryin' a find out what excite, what I write, What ignite with Lion never once tried to bite Rick Excusely, assumed to meek, refuse to greet A smoother geek, just move ya feet Shocked all dippin' and stoppin' Even slave owner wanted me to whip a man, fucker Shakin' any prison, kickin' back, sick of crap And sista breakin' when a nigger rap Well it was obvious the raps unpluggin' Dignitaries spat wine out they mouth, buggin' This they never heard that type a tactic Gold sandles all over their fat steps One dignitary over what man said "I'll give you half the eastern border if you sell him" Back at the rest spot to nap a bit Mom! Pop! They delighted with the rapper did "Son", my mom said sweepin' up "That lunatic'll kill you if you don't keep it up" What's wrong with you, "Son, I'm not scornin' you Leave your best for a rainy day, I'm warnin' you" Ripped my ego apart So I set upon a mission to change the king heart 'Sire, whippin don't pay off A lot more done you give a nigger one day off' He took my advice, 'stead a yell again Sir noticed that my input was accurate intelligence That type meant ta stripe, kids Even after he died, I still write raps like this Who rotten 'em All teacher and scholar try proceed me, believe me I am all culture that you need be And superior juice to abuse, I choose Use words racist slave owner used to Sandwich known crook, redbone hook too Got his own land, which you're known look to Not only ass wipes, swept side kick Shocker and them niggers even try to dress like Rick

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