Who Rocks The Party? Lyrics

Les Savy Fav

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Lyrics to Who Rocks The Party?
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Who rocks the party
That rocks the body?

We rock the party
That rocks the body.

I have got my coat on
And I'm headed toward the gates
of the great estate.
They can't loose the dogs on us,
Because the dogs like us
more than the dogs like them.

See the servants in the
southwest corner of the yard.
They've got booze
And they've got bonfires.
Who needs horse shoes?
Who need lawn darts?
Fuck the champagne
We want gin
We'll take back toad hall again.

Call the cops to hall us in,
They're already here,
Up on the chandelier,
This is the party of the year.
The thing falls down
in a smash of glass.
The chief of police is on his
The kitchen staff is
Up in stitches,
Theyre burning up theyre
Masters britches.
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