Lyrics to Who
Who Video:


Jus tell mi whoooooo..
Mess wid my keys
Mess wid my trees
Mess wid my Geees

Jus tell mi whoooooo..
Mess wid my crew
Mess wid my brew
Mess wid di-doooo..

Verse 1

Suh yuh wanna get serious
Pretending like yuh mysterious
Acting like yuh furious
Yuteman yuh too cantankarus
Everytime yuh wana war wid us
Jus tru yuh girlfriend a par wid us
Drinkin alize at di bar wid us
Start a fuss yuh must bite di dust


Verse 2

Yu an yuh friend dem standin on di sideline
Mi an mi colleagues makin more dolla sign
Spendin big mek it back in a no time
From yuh see we den yuh no seh a start lime
Yuh an yuh niggas end up in bear petty crime
Mi an mi family dem mekin it fine
Suh waaan tek mine wid yuh Tek 9
After yuh na help mi build mi rime

[chorus] x 2

Verse 3

Cah dis a year we mekin pear Gees
An fi get it wi na guh donk pon we knees
Some bwoy have nuff nuff disease
But we have di money and Mercedes
Look how long mi a tell dem fi cease
See dem now walk pon ice dem a freeze
Mi tell dem na ramp pon we trees
Cant mess wid di yute dem cheese

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