Lyrics to Who I Am
Who I Am Video:
If i live to be a hundred,
and never see the seven wonders, That will be alright.

If i don't make it to the big leauges,
if i never win a Grammy,
i'm gonna be just fine,
cause i know exactly who i am....


I am Rosemary's grandaughter,
the spitting image of my father,
and when the day is done my momma's still my biggest fan,
somtimes , i'm clueless and i'm clumsy, but i got friends that love me,
they know just where i stand,
it's all apart of me, and thats who i am


So when i make a big mistake,
when i fall flat on my face,
i know i'll be alright

Should my tender heart be broken,
i will cry those tear drops knowing
that i i'll be just fine,
cause nothing changes who i am


I'm a saint and i'm a sinner,
i'm a loser, i'm a winner,
i am steady and unstable,
i'm young but i am able

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