Lyrics to Who Do You Love?
Who Do You Love? Video:
Well, the day dawned and dried the grass on the ground

Someone up and died without a sound

And though we looked for you, well, you couldn't be found

You were already on your way, dear

And I saw them call as you walked down the street

But tall through it all, you'd admit no defeat

Despite the grief that you get from everyone you meet

But open up and let things change, dear

Now we don't ask for medals, we don't ask for praise

We work hard instead, and then we walk away

But when the question still pends at the end of every day

Oh, open up to what it's saying

So the weight of the world, it won't get you down

You make what you wear and you don't wait around

You give 'em what they want (or as much as you can)

Like you've done all along, and you'll do again

But who do you love? Who do you love? Who do you love?

So the weight of your will will stave off decline

And you won't stop that war, but that don't stop you trying

You say all the words that move all our friends

And you work 'til the clock has gone 'round again

But who do you love? Who do you love? Who do you love?

And so goes the most of our freedom of speech: we live for the city, we work for the beach

And when the weekend seems to be just out of reach

Just make the most of what you're paid, dear

Your love's a ghost, and that's why we're delayed here
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