Lyrics to Who Cares?
Who Cares? Video:
I was walking down an old dirt road I was feeling out and down I was taking it out on an old tin can When I came up on an old ghost town Doors hanging on one hinge You know the scene The background's playing the High Noon Theme There's dust devils swirling in the heat And sidewinders winding down the street Ssspooky! I see a sign that says 'Hotel' I walk in and I ring the bell Look up at a cobweb My eyes open wider When I see the grin of a Cheshire spider I walk on out I see a sign that says 'County Jail' I walk in and I ring the bell I see what used to be a man He's reaching out a bony hand From behind the bars to take the key It hangs not more than a foot away Spooky! Walk on out I see a buzzard up in the sky Squint my eye It's circling low and he's lighting down On what remains of this old ghost town Aroooo... See a sign, says 'Saloon' Like I say, it's hot, high noon So I walk in and I ring the bell No one answers I ring the bell again For though the shelves hold only dust I know where to quench this thirst You see, my daddy used to tend a bar So I know what the secrets are Keep the money in your purse And stash a bottle under the first... Ahh, ahh... Keep some secrets never tell And those secrets will keep you very well Speaking of keeping If you're feeling down And you come up on an old ghost town Direct your feet past all decay To the place where things just mellow with age That's all I wanted to say

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