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Yankee B.

Mucho Dinero

Lyrics to Who Are You
Who Are You Video:
(feat. Big Pun, Reign)

Who you are?
Me, Well I'll be Cada pimp
Black Cadillac smoking fifties sacks and shit
No diggity doubt
I be blazing like Portland Trail Blazers up in this motherfucker
No doubt my nigga Reign and Big Pun
Niggas trying to be players we the general manager of this shit

Blam, New York money snatcha
Yo Yankee B coming at yah
Matter of factor chips I don't licks I don't capture
Fly shit a manufacture
Yo were the girls looking at yah
You don't mean nobody stop yah
Try to knock her
Pun wait, try to drop her
Victory seeking well lets try to knock her
Yo your man is not a factor
Really wanna do me your man cant stop yah
Play it proper
Little like my dabbler (I got to work tonight)
Play his ass like an actor now I got yah
Were yah want yah
Miss twelve fix in a Benz coming at yah
Coming at yah, coming at yah
QB nigga Yankee B coming at yah

[Chorus x2: Reign and Yankee B]
[R] So who you are
[Y] The Y-A-N-K double E
[R] This we be
[Y] Straight up jiggy every day
[R] So were yah from
[Y] South side Queens getting paid
[R] This is how we do it

[Big Punisher]
Yo, yo, Ayo I had enough
Why niggas bluff like they rag'em off
Bad enough rappers act like they cant get snuff
I had it up to here players a dressing like musketeers

Another year motherfuckers a be rapping in underwears
I wonder were the hardcore went
Y'all gone sent shit that have me up drunk all bent
Now is all pimp but I aint felling the same feeling the same
Next time I rhyme I' am gone' start reviling some names
Pulling cards doing job for dough
Like back in '84 before I ran the squad with Joe (Terror Squad)
Wasn't long ago I was on the low bound to blow
Some perfection a getting down with the don of flow
Long as you know Bronx two four first the skakey
Golden label New York like my man Yankee
Niggas should thank me for becoming a superstar
Cus if I wasn't I'll be robbing that ass no matter who you are

[Chorus x2: Reign and Big Punisher]
[R] So who you are
[Y] The B-I-G -P-U-N
[R] This we be
[Y] V-I-P in every club we in
[R] So were yah from
[Y] South Bronx were it all began
[R] This is how we do it

All my ladies in the place go down
All my players in the place go down
And now we bringing it from town to town
You know I get down so down
Get down, get down
Get down, get down
Get down, get down
You know we get down
Get down diggy down diggy down down
Who you are?

[Yankee B]
Gridlock, QB's representer
With the Brooklyn for clementa
In your center spark leafs in the winters
Stalking a in the central (damn you a playa)
Niggly no I 'am a crusher
Titles a new relationships like Usher
Let me touch yah let me crush yah
Let me find a way to move your body sucka
Yo the west coast booty caller
Flexing like a sexy Latalia
Susiana, back in Louisiana
Trick for o-b but now I cant stand her (but why though)
Yo she try to be a commander
All in the face want the key for the Rangler, for the Rangler
For the Rangler Yankee B QB coming at you

[Chorus: Reign & Yankee B]
[Chorus: Reign & Big Punisher]
[Chorus: Reign & Yankee]
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