Lyrics to Who Are These Boyz?
Who Are These Boyz? Video:
Who are these boys?
Who will not leave us alone
Who are these Boys? (Who are these boys?)
Wearing nasty cologne
And are all up in my zone
Who are these boys? (Who are these boys?)
Who follow us all around
Who are these boys? (Who are these boys?)
Crabbe and Goyle stop asking us out!

How are we going to get them to leave us alone?
I don't have a single clue
I have one horrible-disgusting-terrible-nasty-horrific-out-right-wrong idea!
I guess that's the only thing we can do!

We went on a date with Crabbe and Goyle
Can't believe we agreed to this
We hope that this will make them leave us alone
Even when we think about it
We get sick

Well Crabbe is such a stupid man
He told me he had a plan
So, I followed him
Hoping it would be fun!
(It was fun was it?!)
(It wasn't fun at all!)
We broke into the kitchen door
And man that night was such a bore
I watched him eat and eat and eat oh boy it was dumb
He passed right out at half past two
I magicked him back to his room
I swear I'll never do it again!

Your turn....

Well Goyle, he was pretty bad
He said our date would be so rad
But we never even left the common room
(You didn't leave the -)
(NO we didn't leave the common room)
(Well what did you do?)
Well he beat some poor kid up for me
Then he flexed 'til half past three
Before it even started the whole date was pretty doomed
He even tried to hold me hand
But then I told him he was banned
I swear I'll never do it again!

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