Lyrics to Who Am I
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I've walked behind a lazy mule and backed it down the road And cursed the gumbo mud that grew the corn I swung a double bitted axe till sundown And wondered through my sweat why I was born I've laughed in daddy's face when he was praying I've urned my back upon my mother's crys I've looked into my mind when we were starving And asked myself the question who am I I've searched the eyes of strangers in the alley And seen the learching looks that they return I've read the books the scholars recommended And trembled at the likes of what I learned I've slept out in the night when it was raining I've shivered at the lightning in the sky I've looked into my mind while I was freezing And asked myself the question who am I I've seen the spinning world from in the gutter And felt the kin to men who leave their wives I've searched and finally found the perfect woman And learned too late she never could be mine I've walked with Lord's head behind my off-spring Ashamed of the man in my son's eyes Oh what a rocky track I left to follow Dear God I ask the question who am I

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