Lyrics to White Woods
White Woods Video:
Roaming the streets at night
Wandering stars will light
This path to freedom's fight
Until the dark will rise
Where do we go
When death comes walking knocking on our door
At home

Slowly we reach the light
Beyond these words of white
When we are so stood in night
To make winter's morning skies

Death comes and goes
Across the lonely landscape of our lives

Sun it's never too late
To find it's twisted fate
Now that you're living on your own
I'll go where the free birds flow
You don't need to plan for me
I sold my soul for free

Sorry eyes better be told
You're as right as life unfolds

Once was a poet and a write
Living inside my head
One never spoke to the other
But they still made their bed

And laid on gazing high
Praying which would tell
Upon there's reason why
Upon this sure he fell
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